January 12 2020 weekly horoscopes

Significance of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction ~ Podcast

The moon enters Aries today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your home and family. Watch out for impulsive reactions tonight.

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The moon enters Aries today and illuminates the communication sector of your chart. Tonight brings exciting news. The moon enters Aries and illuminates the sector of your chart that rules your finances and your sense of self-worth today. As the moon connects with lovely Venus, blessings in your career will come your way. The moon enters your sign today, Aries! Today is all about self love; take yourself on an adventure. As the moon connects with Venus this afternoon, you will find that blessings come your way when you open yourself up to new opportunities.

Take it slow today, Taurus! The moon enters Aries lighting up the sector of your chart that rules rest—catch up on time alone. You have a lot of feelings to work through, and reconnecting with your inner voice is a wonderful way to work the energy. The moon enters fun fire sign Aries today inspiring you to network and spend time with your friends.

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The moon enters Aries today and lights up the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. The moon enters fellow fire sign Aries today, Leo, finding you in the mood to travel. The buck stops here! What do you need to do to transform and improve your health? And how about your work? No use hiding behind this or that daily chore, or whatever difficulties in the job market. If you commit to doing what you must each day, you will soon find that your life and health are totally transformed. Are you letting your inhibitions ruin your life, dear Virgo? If it is fear of rejection that paralyses you, you've reached the end of that road.

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Seek true love! Make something of your talents! Enjoy sex! If you have children or even if you don't , they have some important lessons to teach you now. Your heart is suffocating and you need to let fresh life force flow through you. Your kids. Your talents. Your love life. A grey world, without love, without joy, without any form of fun and self-expression, you now see, is the worst of all worlds.

The situation is very difficult at home, dear Libra. On some level, the Saturn-Pluto transit is about your actual physical home, for instance, any property you hold; an ugly family situation around money; or property you would like to buy but cannot afford. Who are you deep inside? Where can you find shelter? Needs must and all this forces you to build an unshakable self-reliance and inner sense of security that nothing can shake - no family betrayal, no property rise or crash.

This is the turning point where you decide to take charge of your life. Own your roots and your past. Tackle family problems head on. And take responsibility for yourself. Your thoughts have become so toxic, dear Scorpio, they're poison.

You cannot control everything in your life and your attempt to do so has left you living in a very small plot indeed. Ones that can help you grow in influence.

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It's time to take responsibility for how you influence the world around you and think grown up thoughts. An important contract, connection or development with your siblings, neighbourhood or school could be the catalyst for change now. Your financial situation calls for a total reform, dear Sagittarius. Maybe you have to face an insidious lack of self worth to make this change?

Or maybe you simply have to become more responsible with money? Financial worries have you in an iron grip but this transit is about much more than that.

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In more ways than one, in fact. Your very physical survival is at stake here. So is your confidence, your self worth. Time to embrace this fact and do whatever it takes to rebuild your energy stores. Have you been on a power trip for most of your life? Time to change your attitude! No use hiding behind necessity - the need to make money or protect your reputation - for your behaviour. The old ways no longer work and you're having an identity crisis.

What do you want? Who are you really? And how is your own behaviour responsible for how others treat you? You cannot pass the buck.

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A new look is in order. This is a spiritual rite of passage for you, dear Aquarius. You might find that entire organisations you once backed are in fact rotten and bankrupt. Worse yet, you might find that while you thought you were acting out of a sense of social responsibility, you were in fact driven by your own psychological hangups, projecting your own demons onto the world, then seeking to banish and control them. To shove under the carpet.

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  8. Examine your unconscious patterns, your worst fears about yourself, and take responsibility for them. Powerful healing can take place now. Perhaps you thought you had one, but maybe you were only trying to make friends in powerful places, after all. Seeking strength in numbers. No use hiding behind them now.

    Instead of merely dreaming of a better world, it's time to take responsibility for your own contribution to the community. Saturn and Pluto are here to cull away at your circles until you finally see who your real friends are. And now you want to ask yourself: Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution? Let the old ways crumble away and get building for a better world! What is going to be your own unique contribution?