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Learn more. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy! Solstice is the Silent Night, where all of nature lies dormant and is deemed sacred in its rest before the sun is born of the Goddess, and the God retreats to give way to the light of the Feminine. We celebrate this time of year with candles and all manner of lights to remind us that we are the keepers of an inner light that springs hopeful in the hearts of men. The deep darkness of Winter Solstice is the last vestige of our descent into the Underworld to seek our deepest dreams, our most illuminating mysteries, and the hope for sunny days once more.

Sometimes we forget that at Winter Solstice the sun has actually reached its most southernmost point. Far away from the Northern Hemisphere, the sun has been on its retreat since the Summer Solstice when we began our descent into the dark. While Capricorn sometimes gets pushed aside as a dull sign full of dour predictions, I choose to see it as a wise advisor, the keeper of a cool and collected head, and a teacher that has learned through repeated experiences.

Take one last inhale of what dark can teach.

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Drink from the secret cup of the Underworld and emerge well laid plans for your future. Those places that we never show within ourselves are our best teachers and are nothing to be ashamed of. Light and dark are twins who share the same mother. There is no light without dark and Winter Solstice demonstrates the intense relationship we harbor with both. Just as the sun is at its seemingly furthest position from us, we are only one long, dark night away from the awakening of our inner light; the awakening of what makes us the creators of our own destinies.

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That making a good impression on yourself is as important as a good impression on others or more so. Vulnerability leads to personal growth. That love is sometimes a gamble but it cannot be experienced with the head; the heart must be given her unpredictable due. This Winter Solstice, expose all that has been brewing in the cauldron of possibilities and claim what is yours. Let the newly born sun shine upon your journaled hopes and gather the power of the Goddess to your breast.

Let the male energy rest while you learn from Shakti. Dance with her as the days lengthen and the nights shorten. Drown to the light. Sing to Athena , Saranyu and Sulis. This Winter Solstice, may the beauty of your darkness shine as bright as the promise of your light.

Winter Solstice — The Longest Night.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. While it's easy for you to get carried away with excitement, this may not be the year for you to shower everyone you know with extravagant gifts.

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  • Channel the energy of this moon into getting your financial sitch in check. If anyone is going to feel the emotional release of this moon, it's you, Cancer, given that the moon is rising in your resident sun sign. You deserve to swim freely. It's hard to step back and chill in the midst of holiday party season, especially for a fiery Leo, but try to channel your lunar-lit energy toward self-care during this full moon.

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    The emotional healing vibes are high, and the person who might need your love and support most right now is actually you. Do yourself the favor and spend this full moon having a party for one, self-care style. Full moon party! Your social life is a-buzzin', Virgo, and the chance for synchronicity to sprinkle magic over your encounters during this luminary is high. Seize this opportunity to connect with others, let your personality sparkle, and sync up with the abundant, energized vibe of this full moon. This moon brings good news: The stress-clouds are parting, and a rainbow is shinin' on through.

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    Now's your opportunity to chill, so allow this moon to help you release the stress of recent endeavors and give you a chance to relax and live it up during the holidays. Let's get spiritual, spiritual. Use this full moon's energy to open your mind and dive deep into your spiritual well of inner truth and feeling. Vibes are exceptionally high and energized during this moon, so align yourself with the buzz of its built-up energy and do some meditation and visualization work. Anything that allows you to journey inward to relieve your stress will be extra potent. With both the holidays and your birthday hitting all around the same time, you've been going hard — but during this moon, money should be on your mind.

    It's easy to get carried away with holiday spending, but right now, you should use the moon's energy to get your affairs in order and gain a clearer vision of where you're at financially.

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    In North America, summer is often fixed as the period from the summer solstice June 20 or 21, depending on the year to the fall equinox September 22 or 23, again depending on the year. Therefore, Sept.

    EST which marked it as the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. We have written many articles about Summer for Universe Today. Listen here, Episode Earth. The summer solstice occurs once a year, and there is also a winter solstice each year. The tilt of the Earth does not actually change — it stays at It begins to get lower in the sky, and the length of daylight starts getting shorter in the Northern Hemisphere. In addition to the two solstices, there are also two equinoxes, which is where the days are of equal length at the equator.

    The tilt of the Earth is also responsible for the change in seasons we experience. During the summer solstice, the Suns is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year — the longest time there is daylight — in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere however with the winter solstice being the longest day of the year.

    Summer Solstice and the Longest Day of the Year

    The exact date of the summer solstice moves around somewhat because of the way years are set up in the Gregorian calendar. For example, it fell on June 20th in Usually, however, it is on June 21st. In some cultures, the solstices, and the equinoxes, represent the start of the seasons while they are the midpoint in other cultures.

    The summer solstice is the beginning of summer in America. The summer solstice has long been a time for celebration for many different cultures. Midsummer was a holiday celebrated in various European cultures. The Midsummer celebration of the ancient Gauls was known as the Feast of Epona. In China, the summer solstice celebration represented yin, earth, and the feminine while its opposite — the yang — was celebrated during the winter solstice. Germanic, Slav, and Celtic tribes in Europe used to celebrate Midsummer with huge bonfires.

    Jumping through the fire was supposed to grant protection to people and bring love.